Yacht&Cruise Security
n.4 December 2012
Waiting for the Flood's End

These are gloomy times, and the first "safe ship" which occurs to us is Noah's Ark.
With no doubts, there are many reasons to be quite pessimists, but it is necessary to focus on what we can do to improve things as much as we can. That's the reason why we decided to talk to some operators of the naval security sector to gather some opinions and ideas about two essential factors: technology and communication. If the first one is necessary to keep on improving security & safety standards within the whole sector, the second one is fundamental for the growth of the sector itself. In the article "Technology and Communication to relaunch safety & security on board" you will find a useful insight into this matter.
Meanwhile, some positive signals are coming from the trade market and the international and European legislation. If the last edition of METS, one the most important global fairs of the sector, had a huge success, the EU Parliament has approved new rules about safety & security in maritime transport. And IMO has announced the will to include CLIA's and ECC's new recommendations into its guide for the passengers'safety.
Last but not least, a survey published by Centro Studi SRM shows that in 2011 Italy was the third European country in terms of cargo movement. Moreover, in 2013 new opportunities could rise from the African continent, which has been described as the "New Big Frontier" by the President of Assoporti Luigi Merlo.

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